Professional Development

Professional Training Programs for ITSI Faculty and Tour Hosts

Professional Training Programs for ITSI Faculty and Tour Hosts

Professional Training Programs for ITSI Faculty and Tour Hosts


 International Travel Studies Institute (ITSI) provides professional training programs for ITSI faculty and tour hosts. These training programs are designed to prepare faculty and tour hosts for teaching and directing field study trips on the variety of International Travel Studies Institute programs. These seminars include online study materials, frequent live discussions with ITSI administration, faculty, and training instructors, and participation in a field study travel program with skilled ITSI travel faculty specialists. Many of these instructors and travel studies specialists have over 40-years of experience and knowledge in the educational travel industry, teaching onsite experience, and conducting humanitarian expeditions. Their backgrounds include professional teaching and instruction at institutions of secondary and higher education demonstrating a proficient knowledge of the lands, cultures, peoples, languages, histories, religions, and scriptures associated with the countries visited through the ITSI programs.    The training provides each participant travel experiences and valuable professional development in the areas of history, archaeology, cultural knowledge and scriptural studies of the locations of scriptural events with the hope that this instruction would benefit their teaching in their professional assignments.  These professional training programs are open to all nationalities

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Trans-cultural Humanitarian & Holistic Nursing Internship

Professional Training Programs for ITSI Faculty and Tour Hosts

Professional Training Programs for ITSI Faculty and Tour Hosts


  This internship and professional development program offers nurses and health professionals an opportunity to provide relief and life-saving humanitarian service while meeting continuing education certification in transcultural nursing.  These 14-day to three-weeks programs include instruction, relief, and life-saving humanitarian work among refugees and indigenous peoples from many cultures. Certificated continuing education units in transcultural nursing are offered to enhance their professional abilities in service to their own countries of origin. All obtain experience and education working among a vast array of religions and cultures which include Muslims, Jews, Druze, Samaritans, Ethiopians, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Circassians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, indigenous tribal beliefs, and others from many lands.  

Program Objectives 

 ● Improve transcultural holistic care ● Obtain cultural exposure/experience through clinical and educational experiences ● Provide relief to those suffering from war, disease, and poverty  ● Provide opportunities to nurses to practice in their specialties among diverse cultures ● Set a higher standard of nursing care at home and abroad ● Offer core curriculum credit through nursing colleges ● Offer potential for continuing education credit through  professional associations

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