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Study Abroad Programs


These 6-week university-level student programs provide 

  • Travel in Israel, the Palestinian Authority & Jordan
  •  Geographical, historical & archaeological certified units
  • Hikes & biblical/historical walks
  • Climb Har Karkoum (possible Mt. Sinai)
  • Snorkeling in Red Sea
  • Body-surf in Mediterranean Sea
  • Traditional biblical meals
  • World-class guest lectures on religion, archaeology & contemporary affairs
  • Fishing on Sea of Galilee
  • Camel rides
  • Humanitarian service opportunities
  • Experience biblical lifestyle

& Much More!

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Intensive Explorations in the Holy Land


Unlike any experience ever offered!

More than your typical Holy Land tours, this intensive 21-day experience is packed with unique and exciting activities, visits to sacred sites, ancient cities and archaeological ruins, “locals-only" cultural experiences, on-site guest lecturers and expert faculty. 

Programs open to all ages, family groups, those who want more than a tour of the Holy Land!

Recently added to this section is information on recommended short two-week tours (10-14 days) co-sponsored by other agencies and institutions.

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Humanitarian & Professional Development Programs


These 14-day dynamic expeditions offer youth, adults, and professionals an opportunities to provide humanitarian and relief services to people in many areas of the world, including the Holy Land, Ghana, Guatemala, Nepal, the Philippines and other areas.  The programs include instruction, relief, and life-saving humanitarian work among refugees and peoples from many cultures. Continuing education in transcultural nursing on some programs are offered. All obtain experience and education working among a vast array of religions and cultures which include Muslims, Jews, Druze, Samaritans, Ethiopians, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Circassians, Bughists, Siks, Hindus, and others from many lands.

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Our Mission

Mission of International Travel Studies Institute


 International Travel Studies Institute was created to provide educational certification through traditional classroom, on-site instruction, online curricula and text materials for individuals, families, students, and professionals. This function is realized through educational travel, humanitarian expeditions, internships, intensive explorations, and study abroad programs.  

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