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 Forever Strong Youth Tours builds youth on all fronts; physically, spiritually, intellectually, socially, and emotionally (Luke 2:52). We take our lead from the Master Creator; Jesus Christ and shape experiences to parallel His message and ministry! We specialize in providing youth experiences that will help keep youth ‘Forever Strong’ in their lives and in shaping their future. We build testimony, character, intellect, and humanity as we serve, learn, travel, and give together!    

Explorers Needed!

 Come ready to Learn, Explore, Serve, Learn, Give, Love, Work, and Share! 

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Dr. Clark Anderson, Program Director-Faculty of the Forever Strong Youth Tours in the Holy Land

      Dr. Clark Anderson has over 40 years of travel experience and expertise. His love for teaching began on his LDS mission to Europe. Over the past 25 years he has organized and directed over 70 educational tours around the world. Over 40 of these tours were to the Holy Land.

     Clark Anderson's father, Gary was a gifted religious educator at BYU and served as director of the BYU Study Abroad Program to the Middle East on two separate occasions. Clark accompanied his father to the Holy Land on both semesters and was a student at the BYU Jerusalem Center in 1986. 

     Clark served an LDS Mission to the Netherlands/Belgium Mission and learned the Dutch/Flemish language which he still enjoys speaking today.  Clark spent the summer of 2000 in Israel as a student at an Ulpan learning Hebrew. He also enjoys learning Arabic. 

     Clark received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from BYU and a Doctorate Degree from the University of Wyoming. His professional career includes 20 years as a Religious Educator and 12 years as an EFY (Especially for Youth) Speaker & Session Director.  He also pioneered the youth group program in partnership with HEFY (Humanitarian Especially for Youth) for the creation of Youth Summit Jerusalem (YSJ) taking youth to Israel.   

     Clark is married to the impressive Heather Ballard and together they have ten children and six grandchildren. Clark’s first true love is his family; second is a passion for music, travel, and sports.  

     Heather Rose was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. In her youth she was a ballerina, played on the school volleyball team, and also became an accomplished pianist. She studied ballet for 15 years as a member of the Royal Academy of Dance and was crowned Miss Teen Nevada 1993 and First Runner-up at the National Miss Teen Pageant. She was also awarded 1st place at Nevada Search for Talent competition.

     She attended college at Brigham Young University where she earned a degree in Early Childhood Education and minored in dance. While there she was a member of the BYU Ballroom Dance Company and also learned to play organ. Upon graduation she took her first teaching job in California with Jurupa Unified School District where she taught elementary school while earning her Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from Cal State Fullerton.

Dr. Clark Anderson & wife, Heather Ballard Anderson serving as Assistant Tour Administrator

Dr. Clark Anderson & wife, Heather Ballard Anderson serving as Assistant Tour Administrator


More than a typical tour!

 Last year one participant wrote: 

“Great inspiration for someone such as I who knew very little about the Holy Land ... So much more than I ever expected.”   – Paul, 2017 Program

An Intensive and Inspiring Journey...

   Individuals of all ages are offered a 3-week educational and intensive travel study adventure that is not a typical tour to the Holy Land but an educational in-depth exploration of the land, its people and its cultures. International and local expert faculty conduct extensive field studies and lecture discussions. Three university-level certified units in Near Eastern Studies and Comparative Religious Studies are available to qualifying participants. Each program is designed with special topics per faculty expertise. Includes activities for families, biblical lifestyles, Old and New Testament studies, and much more! 

Join a Never-to-be-Forgotten Quest!

 This intensive 21-day experience is packed with unique and exciting activities, visits to sacred sites, ancient cities and archaeological ruins, “locals-only" cultural experiences, on-site guest lecturers and expert faculty. In addition to more frequently visited sites, your experience includes the following destinations as circumstances allow:

Hebron, location of the Tomb of the Patriarchs

Shiloh, where the boy prophet Samuel & the Tabernacle of Moses resided until the days of Eli.

Magdala, the home of Mary Magdalene & a beautiful shrine dedicated to the women in Christ's ministry.

Mt. Gerazim, place of the Samaritan Temple and annual sacrifices during Passover.

Nablus and Jacob's Well, where the Samaritan woman spoke with Jesus.

Sebastia, capital of the Northern Ten Tribes of Israel, archaeological ruins of the palace of Herod Antipas where some believe John the Baptist was beheaded.

Beer Sheba, Well of Abraham, home of Isaac and Jacob, Bedouin cultures at the kibbutz Lahav.

• Numerous locations in Jerusalem, the Negev, and the Western Coastal Plain not seen on normal tourist excursions & much more!

Program activities include:

Simulated first century A.D. meal in the recreated Nazareth Village.

Guest lecturers from the various religious groups, including the Jewish. Islamic, Samaritan, Druze. Baha'i, Eastern and Western Christian communities.

• Site lectures and discussions from scholars on archaeology, history, contemporary affairs, cultural life styles, biblical plants and animals, the Palestinians, Bedouins and Israelis, etc.

Swimming in the Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Mediterranean Sea, and other locations.

Time to quietly meditate at sacred sites, Shop In the open-air markets (suk), and mix with the locals, etc.

Academic certified units are available for those who desire, as the materials presented before and during the program are Online and equivalent to university studies.

Camel rides, working on a potter’s wheel in Hebron, visit museums seldom seen on usual tours with powerful lecture-discussions from experts, and much more!

Intensive Explorations Itinerary, Application & Courses


Individuals of all ages are offered a 3-week educational and intensive travel study adventure that is not a typical tour to the Holy Land. International and local expert faculty conduct in-depth field studies and lecture discussions. Three university-level credits in Near Eastern Studies and Comparative Religious Studies are available to qualifying participants. Each program is designed with special topics per faculty expertise. Includes activities for families, biblical lifestyles, Old and New Testament studies, etc.

International Travel Studies Institute Faculty

October 2018 Faculty & Assistant
Founder & Managing Director
International Travel Studies Institute

Dann W and Shirley S. Hone, 2018 October Intensive Explorations Faculty

Dann W Hone, with nearly 46 years of travel and living in the Near East, is one of the founding members of the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies and served in numerous positions at the Center, including Academic Coordinator where he was responsible for training and teaching all Jerusalem Center faculty in history, archaeology, geography, and scriptures.  His studies include numerous modern and ancient languages and scripts.  Dann lived in Israel for many years and received his graduate degree in Biblical History from the Jerusalem University College.  A published author, Dann has written study guides and books on the Near East and recently finished volume one of a seven volume “Scriptural Reference and Exploration Series”.  Dann is emeritus administrator/faculty of Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies and the Department of Ancient Scripture at BYU.  After thirty years at BYU, he entered back into teaching as adjunct faculty in the Department of History and Political Science at Utah Valley University.  He currently serves as the Managing Director and faculty member for the International Travel Studies Institute.  Shirley and Dann have been married 45 years and are the parents of 4 sons, 2 daughters and 17 grandchildren.  The family resided in Jerusalem for 7 years.

March 2019 and June 2019 Faculty
Director of Intensive Exploration in the Holy Land Programs

Haws Marble, Intensive Explorations Faculty/Director

 Haws Marble began his association with the Holy land in 1974 as a teacher of Old Testament on the Semester Abroad in Jerusalem. From 1980-85 Haws lived in Jerusalem and assisted with tours and the BYU student programs. This led to his 20-year employment at BYU Travel Study specifically working on tours and study programs to the Holy Land. He has made a total of 40 different trips to the Holy Land and he loves almost everything that he learns and experiences with that part of the world. Prior to this he spent 16 years teaching in the Seminary and Institute programs and in the BYU Religion Department. 

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In addition to the International Travel Studies Institute Programs,  ITSI has co-sponsored other specialty events and  tours with Columbus Travel.  You can access these programs by tapping the button below.

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