Announcements, Informational Sites, & Educational Events

This section contains announcements of events and internet sites pertaining to information that may be of interest  concerning the Holy Land.  

International Travel Studies Educational Materials

International Travel Studies Institute supplies participants with the Amazon Kindle Fire 7" Tablet

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets with Field Study Files

Below is a sample of an educational file that is a typical download on to Amazon Kindle Fire Tablets supplied as part of the orientation materials supplied to each participant on all of the International Travel Studies Institute programs.  The files are developed for each Field Study Trip, so that participants can study before, during, and after the program the many sites  visited.  These files include the historical and scriptural significance of each site, its archaeological development, physical and historical geography,  and numerous photos, diagrams, and maps of the regions visited.

Pre-departure Orientation Near Eastern Studies 100 Course

All participants receive the Near Eastern Studies 100 course "  General Orientation  to the Peoples & Cultures of the Holy Land " lessons.    This course is intended to introduce the significant history, geography, religions and cultures of the Holy Land. The study begins in lesson 1 with the Latter-day Saint perspectives and relationships to the land, including the Church's history in the Holy Land from the 19th century to the present establishment of the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies. After reviewing the vital sources and resources available in the Bible and associated dictionaries, commentaries and works of scholars on the Holy Land provided in lesson 2, the inquiry focuses in lesson 3 and lesson 4 on the physical and historical geography of the region. These first lessons are intended to give reality to the place and time of pivotal historical events and individuals identified with the land. Next, lessons 5 and 6 turn to the major religions centered in the Near East; Judaism, Samaritanism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'ism, and the Mowahhidoon (Druze). These are followed by lesson 7 which presents the fundamental background to the contemporary Arab-Israeli conflict. In this and the concluding lesson 8 participants examine the key issues, events and people connected with current affairs and controversies that have international implications for nearly every individual living anywhere in the world today. Lesson 8 is intended to be studied concurrently with all the other lessons and will provide participants with the opportunity to read a major work on the political and social feelings and aspirations of the various groups who make up the societies of the Holy Land and its neighbors. 

Recorded Lectures and Videos

When possible, lectures are recorded in audio and/or video and are made available to participants.  A portion of an on-site lecture video is also located below. 

Pre-departure Travel information

Information concerning travel arrangements and itineraries, cultural and practical travel suggestions on customs, living arrangements, packing recommendations, currency exchanges, electrical and communication concerns, airline and bus etiquette, emergency  and security requirements,  and much more is also supplied to each participant before departure.

Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Presentations

Each participant/student receives an Amazon Kindle Fire 7" Tablet as part of their educational packet materials before departure on a program. The video shows a sample file of one day on a Field Study Trip.  Each day of an ITS Institute Field Study Trip  has a file prepared based on the itinerary.  Currently, they only available to program participants and students.  Each file contains scriptural, archaeological, historical and cultural information with maps, pictures, re-constructions, etc.

Sample of On-site Lecture

This 10 minute on-site lecture was given by Dann Hone at  Banias (ancient Caesarea Philippi) to a Columbus Travel Holy Land Tour co-sponsored by the International Travel Studies Institute. Other lectures may be found at: HTTP:// (On the Mount of Beatitudes), and  HTTP:// (Shepherds' Fields, Bethlehem area)

What was the birth of Christ like?

 Ever wonder what the birth of Jesus was really like? Or what the manger looked like? Or why there is always an ox and donkey as part of the Nativity story? Well, learn why in this Christmas video talking about the likely setting of the birth of Jesus. 

Virtual 3D Ancient Jerusalem App

Messages of Christ (Published on Apr 4, 2017) 

Download the incredible free new app of the city of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus. The app was created by the BYU Virtual Scriptures team, and will be continued to be developed with future locations and teaching experiences.